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Everything brightened when I met you, like the dimmer switch on my life had been turned up. Colors became sharper and all the little details became clearer. Like the way your eyebrows bounced and your fingers twitched when you got excited. How the pattern of your clothes brought out the green in your eyes.

Music fell from your lips like jewels. Precious stones of emotion, sometimes light and shimmering diamonds, other times heavy and dark onyx, offered in selfless tribute to the masses. I watched as they filled their pockets, oblivious to the bounty they had just been handed. I, on the other hand, treasured every one. I rolled them in my fingers, taking only the black ones and leaving the pretty things for you.

All I wanted was to carry your burden for you. Take all your darkness so you could see that beauty as I did. So that maybe, one day, all that would fall from your lips were diamonds.

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