BLOODLACED (Youkai Bloodlines Book 1)

Release: September 29, 2020

Publisher: City Owl Press

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Kanjin hardly view their servants as human. Even less so when they are different.

Asagi is different. Both a man and a woman.

In the wake of his failure to protect a boy he saw as a son from their abusive master, Asagi is sold into the house of a young nobleman, Mahiro, who is the opposite of everything Asagi has ever known—gentle, kind, and generous.

Mahiro bonds with Asagi and their friendship blooms into a deep and profound love. But when Asagi is poisoned out of jealousy, Mahiro reveals himself to be youkai, a demon who feeds on blood, and he has no choice but to turn Asagi to save his life.

Asagi awakes reborn, strong, and eternally youthful. But the price for Asagi’s new life is high.

The blood of the innocent. Just as Asagi’s trust in Mahiro falters, the boy he failed to protect, now a man, reappears.

New master, same threat.

With both a literal and proverbial monster at the door, Asagi must decide what it means to be human to protect what he loves most.

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Release: April 20, 2020

Publisher: Nine Star Press

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All Red wants is to remain safely in the closet and get his kid sister through high school, until he meets Victor Itachi, a dashing Dom who pushes Red out of his comfort zone and gives him a new understanding of his own sexuality. When an unlikely friendship with the only out gay man in town opens Red’s eyes to new possibilities, he must make a choice: submit fully to the relative safety of Victor’s control or risk it all for a chance at real love.


Release: December 16, 2019

Publisher: Nine Star Press

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Ice is two years sober, no small feat when you front a metal band with waning popularity. His ex, Ricky, has forgiven him for the wreck he made of their relationship, but Ice can’t stop thinking about his one night with bassist, Ash. Now, Wounded Martyr is on tour. Ice must resist temptation or risk blowing their last chance and losing his relationship with the two most important men in his life.

RWA® Golden Heart® Finalist in Contemporary Romance: Short

CRW Stiletto Contest Finalist in Contemporary Romance: Short


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